Why Wofeo?

In a rapidly evolving world, it is necessary to conceive a new way of Awarding in sports. WOFEO has effective and innovative resources to offer professionals so that they can satisfy their clients’ requests.

What can I find in WOFEO?
WOFEO offers original graphic design solutions which are constantly being updated. They are designed to create personalized awards.
How can you help me with my demanding clients’ requests?

You can turn to us for the realization of specific products requested by your client, we’ll help you optimize and enhance your work.

Do I have to register with WOFEO?

Yes, it is necessary to register with WOFEO to work with us. Click on “REGISTER” and insert the required information, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation.

Who can subscribe on WOFEO?

WOFEO is for professionals in the Sport Awarding field.

Can I order some samples?
Contact us, we will send you some samples of our products.
Can I check the status of my order?
Yes, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to track your product.
I don’t have the time to print the file. Can I turn to you?
Yes, of course. Once we receive the file, the WOFEO team will realize your items.
I don’t own a sublimation printer. Can I turn to you?
Yes, of course. Once we receive the file, the WOFEO team will realize your items.
A client of mine has given me a particular task. Can I turn to you for the realization?

Yes, of course. You can not only ask WOFEO to supply the ready to print files but also for the realization of the personalized finished products.

How can I transmit the printing file?

You can send your files and all the related and necessary material for printing to: info@wofeo.com

Can I receive the items at a different address from the billing one?

Yes, you just have to point it out during the checkout.

Can I change the delivery address of an order after it has already been placed?

Yes, just send your request to


indicating your order number.

Can I ask for a specific courier for the delivery?
Yes, during the checkout steps, you can choose a specific courier among the ones we suggest.
Are the delivery dates guaranteed?

The delivery dates might be subject to change based on the courier, you’ll find the estimated delivery times indicated.

I am a professional in the sector, can I contribute to keep WOFEO updated?
We are always open to new collaborations. Send us your proposal to:  info@wofeo.com and we will be more than happy to consider a possible inclusion in the catalogue.
What are the accepted themes?

We will take all the material related to the Sport Awarding world into consideration.

Contact us at: info@wofeo.com

I have a texture to propose, how can I send it to you?
You can send a JPG or PDF file to: info@wofeo.com